A journey through the trajectory of Mont Bar as a creative, fresh, original kitchen maintaining the style and origin of what Mont Bar has been for years.

Mont Bar is a product restaurant, a bistro adapted to the city where it is located. The quality of the raw material and the seasonal product is a point in favor of becoming a destination.

In addition, the trajectory of our chef gives even greater credibility to the proposal of a restaurant that they define as haute cuisine from a bar that is not, leading Mont Bar to a more gastronomic line, more dynamic and with a different format to share where the snacks are a representative sign of the menu.

Iván Castro - Jefe de Sala
Iván Castro
Restaurant manager

Mont Bar and Mediamanga are the dream of Iván Castro. Original from Catalonia and descendant of a family of hoteliers from Mont, a small town in the town of Vall d’Arán, which has 46 inhabitants.

Iván has always wanted all his projects to have a bar, and this is reflected in the two projects he runs, together with his wife, Kasaundra.

Iván was trained in accounting, sommelier and with a high knowledge of gastronomy, has a career in businesses related to hospitality, as his own distributor, and working in different restaurants and bars in Barcelona. At the age of 27 – 9 years ago – he opened his most personal project, Mont Bar, and 5 years ago, Mediamanga.

Awarded with a Michelin star in 2023 and many other prizes awarded by the most prestigious gastronomy guides, they raise this restaurant of creative and author haute cuisine to a higher level.

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